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The Vision

Switch To Green envisions inclusive, cross-regional collaborations with globally replicable models for sustainable plant-based food systems transformation.

We believe that only inclusive, collaborative efforts can bring systemic changes. 


"Inclusive transformation" where small-holder farmers are not left out


The initiative believes that because we are talking about decoupling the food production from soil i.e., cellular agriculture, farmers, whom the society has been relying on for food production for centuries, should not be left out in the transformation.


"Cross-regional collaborations" where resources are shared instead of creating new


The initiative believes that food systems can be transformed more efficiently through regional collaborations if for example an alternative protein research center in a developed country is accessible to a processing company in a developing country.


"Replicable model" where successful collaborations are reproduced in other regions


After intermediate raw materials produced from pulses of Myanmar are successfully introduced into plant-based meat manufacturers in Singapore, the similar model can be duplicated between Tanzania farmers and French plant-based food producers. 

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