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Switch To Green Myanmar Project

Switch To Green Myanmar project is the first flagship project under Switch To Green Initiative undertaken by MILS. The project aims to leverage on Myanmar’s strategic position to supply peas and pulses products to fill up the growing raw material/ingredient demand of alternative protein industry in Singapore.



As the world’s second largest exporter and third largest producer, Myanmar is renowned for its peas and pulses production. However, lack of food safety and related certifications are limiting the raw commodities only to be sold to low-price markets as the value chain has not been technologically intervened to advance to value-added processing.


At the same time, Singapore has become a world class hot spot for alternative protein enterprises due to its robust infrastructure for R&D, regulatory framework and financing. This rapid growth of plant-based food manufacturers have created a demand vacuum at the end of the supply chain and synergies are evident to drive the systemic transformation through regional collaboration.

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Why Now ?

Despite the current situations, Myanmar has become a promising answer for the question of scale-up for plant-based food start-ups who are setting up the manufacturing plants in Singapore especially those who are using peas and pulses as part of their product formulation.

MILS at the same time has strengthened its technical infrastructures necessary for the project through its USAID Feed The Future partnership such as Technical Centers in different regions of Myanmar and mobile laboratory to help farmers improve their decision makings, efficiency, productivity and product safety closer to their sites.

How is the project progressing?


Get in touch with us to know the latest updates with the project.

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