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What Is Switch To Green?

Switch To Green is a private-sector led, cross-regional plant-based food system initiative aiming to connect the supply chain gaps while advancing small-holder farmers.


It aims to bridge the supply chain gaps between developing countries where millions of small-holder farmers (e.g. peas and pulses) are facing limited market access and developed countries where sophisticated plant-based food manufacturers are facing raw material shortage. 

By bridging the gaps through technological interventions and collaborations, the initiative intends to promote resource-efficient, circular practices, cross-regional economic growth and increased consumption of plant-based diets.


What Problems Is It Solving?

Limited Market Access for farmers

Small holder farmers produce one third of world's food. However lack of technology and poor decision makings leads to inefficiencies in production and food safety issues in their products. These issues limit the farmers only to sell the products as raw commodities to low-price markets and kept them in poor livelihoods.


Scale-up Restraints for Plant-based Food Manufacturers

Despite the unprecedented rapid growth of plant-based food industry, the emerging companies are campaigning very competitively to create niche products and win market shares. On the other hand, these manufacturers also have to be dealing with regulatory affairs on labeling, food safety and quality and consumer affairs. With all these in their plates, the companies are only willing to focus on their core business rather than having to worry about getting the raw materials the way their proprietary production processes demands at the volume they requires. 

Who Will Benefit?

System changes require collaborative efforts from stakeholders in the ecosystem. As a private sector led initiative, Switch To Green promotes private sector collaborations to share values and embraces public sector engagements to create the enabling environment  to drive the initiative.


If you are in one of the categories below, we encourage you to explore collaborative opportunities with us by filling up the form HERE.


Primary Producers

Input Suppliers

Ag-Tech Providers

Post-harvest solution providers

Sustainably-minded Consumers

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